What's Foamie Shower Sponge?

The moment when the background noise stops and you can finally hear your own thoughts again. What does that exactly mean? A Foamie is a shower sponge that reveals its well-kept secret through moistening and pressing: therapeutic, foaming cream cleanser that indulges the mind, body and soul. And because we know that tastes are different, there are not just one, but four Foamie Shower Sponges in different colors and designs. Foam it!

Why Foamie Shower Sponge?

Zen master, powerbank, transformer – Foamie has a lot of great characteristics. But hold on – there's more: Foamie's full body exfoliation results in ingrown hair prevention. Due to its neutral pH-level the natural protective layer of your skin is left untouched, which is exactly why Foamie Shower Sponge is perfect for every skin type. Foamie is free of parabens, silicones, dyes, sulphates, mineral oils, lily aldehydes and all the other nonsense you really don't want on your skin. And of course, are all of our products 100% vegan and free from animal testing.


Shower sponge and gently cleaning zen master

Aloe You Vera Much, The Berry Best & Shake Your Coconuts – discover your favorite Foamie Shower Sponge, which easily cleans away all of the annoying everyday situations.

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What's Foamie Shampoo Bar?


The right shampooing gives you super powers! Of course we all deserve that, and who is in the mood for bad hair days? Nobody! The solid shampoo by Foamie guarantees a showering experience of a very special kind turning all your showering habits completely upside down. What, at first glance, looks like an ordinary bar of soap is actually the revolution of boring, routine hair-washing as we know it. The high-quality ingredients of the Foamie Shampoo Bar are perfectly adapted to the needs of your hair and scalp and thanks to the skin-neutral pH value it cleanses very gently, but nevertheless effectively.

Why Foamie Shampoo Bar?

Whilst foaming, the Shampoo Bar cleanses and cares for your hair, from the roots to the tips, and can also be and hung in your bathroom after use. The logo embossing on the bottom of the shampoo bar creates a special massaging effect. Of course, the Foamie Shampoo Bar is 100% vegan, animal-testing free and free of parabens, silicones, dyes, sulphates, nano particles and other icky stuff that your hair and scalp don’t need. Not only is the shampoo bar more environmentally friendly than traditional shampoo bottles, it also holds up to 25 applications. Let the foam party begin!

Shower experiences

with a WOW feeling

The Foamie Shampoo Bar is available in 3 different versions, so that there is a suitable shampoo bar for everyone: Aloe You Vera Much for dry hair, Hibiskiss for damaged hair & Shake Your Coconuts for normal hair.

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